Web Design and Development


Web Design and Development

When a visitor enters your website, the first thing that they will find is your webpage. Your webpage should be designed in such a way that it does not put off your potential customer. They should not suffer from slow loading times as that would immediately put them off. Along with that, they should not have to deal with poor graphics and cluttered features. Your webpage is a representative of your team – your enthusiasm and your brand. It should be kept top-notch. As a web design and development company in Kolkata, we provide affordable Web design services to keep your webpage attractive, interactive and reflective of your brand image.

Word Press

For posting information about your products, your contents, or any description – you have to use Word Press. With integrated Yoast SEO facilities and interactive design, proper Word Press uploads can boost your content among the crowds, make it improve your rank in Google, and put your blogs, if desired, through Google Ad Sense as well. Our Word Press uploading team are well-versed with Word Press posting and Search Engine optimization. We improve your SEO of the blog using focus keywords and amazing metadata and also, provide readability analyses so that the blogs are written in a simple-to-read manner and is quite engaging. Plus, we crop your photos to scale so that it does not hinder webpage loading. Providing an amazing feature image and a title that draws people are our way of bringing more people to your webpage. We ensure that your content is high quality and can reach out to a target audience in an informed and interactive manner.


As a web development company, we pride ourselves on providing amazing web designs that will keep your customer engaged on the web page and boost your brand value. With proper HTML programming and Cascading sheets, we make sure that your web page is not cluttered and can provide an all-round interactive experience. Our programmers also excel in integrative representative design to your webpage, thereby ensuring that the web site caters to aesthetic senses of the audience and assists them to explore the webpage without making it feel too crowded or cluttered.

  • E-Commerce Web Development

It’s not just blogs and website that will help your business – if you are a product-oriented company or who sells merchandise, then you must have your e-commerce scene up to date. With our experienced team in our web design and development company in Kolkata, we provide quality E-commerce web development where you can upload your products, provide a proper SEO-Friendly product description and create an overall trendy design that will help customers become aware of your product and also, buy it. Our E-commerce web development ensures that the customers know the right amount of details for your product, become aware of its availability, discounts, prices, etc., and also, read the comments of other reviewers. We also ensure that no ‘troll’-based reviews can harm your E-commerce web page.

  • Why SEO friendly website is important?

We have talked about SEO for a long time. In this company, we strive to make your content more SEO-friendly. SEO or search engine optimization helps your company to rank in Google pages and therefore, increase your visibility. Our web development will also aim to provide your name as a business page on the right side of Google as well as a snippet preview, therefore, boosting your recognition. As we thrive to provide an SEO-integrated experience, as a web development company, our sole aim is to keep you on the front pages of Google and retain that spot in the future. Our team of SEO analysts ensures that your content and website is SEO-friendly enough to be ranked better by Google, pushing you to the first page of the search engine.