Photography & Videography


Photography & Videography

While content remains king in the digital world, there are several changes that the world of marketing is going through. We should not only take ‘reading’ or ‘written content’ into consideration – we should also consider the attention of the audience. In recent times, it has been seen that the audience have a short attention span. Due to the presence of so many information and so many varied sources, few people tend to take their time and read something completely. Rather they would go for a shorter and more interactive medium – something like a photograph or a video. Photographs and videos catch the attention easily, provide the user a ‘time’ which they have to invest and if it’s engaging enough from the first, the consumer would actually sit through it. Attractive photos have a similar effect – an impactful photo will immediately draw the attention of the user and engage them instantly. Then there will be shares and more consumer reach if the photo is attractive and share-worthy.

Corporate Photoshoots

If you are a newly-built company or an already-established one, you are quite aware as to how important corporate photoshoots tend to be. As a company, people will go to your website and try to find out more about you. As we all know, first impressions have a finalizing impact. Before reading any of the credentials of your employees, a user will look at the photo of an employee and immediately pre-judge. The difference between a successful engagement with a potential customer and a failure is the quality of the photo. No, you don’t have to look very good or look just good. In this world where there are so many selfies, the photos should have a difference. That’s why we provide proper corporate photoshoots which have one motto to it: Professionalism. We make sure to schedule the photoshoots as per your convenience and click photos which are confident and Professional. Professionalism advertises itself so we strive to make a difference in your professional profile.

Corporate Videography

If your corporate photos are set, then it is not the end of it. In the current digital world, engagement has to be kept by creating more and more videos. Videos have a higher engagement rate than photos since it shows a better picture and insight of the company and the workings of it. It is interactive. Since videos are so powerful on the internet, it is clear that corporate videography should be a way to go. Plus, people should go towards it with a difference. Again, in this case, Professionalism is the foundation. However, along with it, intention and target audience become a crucial point as well. Corporate videos are an internal communication system which shows the strength of the company and how the internal management works. But along with that, it is also a glimpse of the internal workings of the company which is revealed to the stakeholders, consumers and even to the public through press releases. Plus, since videos are becoming a major content, SEO-friendly videos are favourably ranked on the major search engines as well. We try to keep our videos simple and informative, keeping it focused on the subject matter and the interaction with the audience. Our script team provides SEO-friendly scripts with engaging content that will effectively help in the communication of the message as well as detail the insiders and external parties about the entire workings of a company. We attempt to keep everything professional, concise and sweet, taking the attention span of the modern audience on the internet into consideration.

By taking in all the processes of Corporate Photoshoots and Corporate Videography which includes project initiation, pre-production, video editing, productions, publication as well as live video setup, we ensure that you have no problems in developing your corporate videos.