Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

As a provider of digital marketing services in Kolkata, we have several services that we try to provide to our clients for their progress in the digital world. Hence, we help you get the foothold needed in the social media universe, as an SEO agency engaged with social media marketing, we provide affordable SEO services, Pay per click and many more.


SEO stands for search engine optimisation. When you are searching for something on Google, many pages show up on the front page. You will probably end up clicking one of the links in the top 5. And yet, if you go down you will find that there might be ten more pages present. Every page has innumerable websites, but then, why were only a few preferred to be shown on the first page? Every company struggles to get to the enviable first page of Google – this is the place where you get the visibility you want. But Google will only show your page based on your rank. The rank is not completely random - a strong SEO will put you further up the ladder that you wish to climb on. Better optimised SEO means better rank in Google, and with consistency, you can become the top link as well. As an SEO agency, we ensure that your website or company get ahead of the competition, become extremely SEO-friendly and push through to the first page of Google.

Social Media Marketing

The world of social media is exploding but it seems quite erratic. No one can quite detect what strange challenge will start trending, what hashtag will move the world, or what could become the trending event. And that’s the reason why as a provider of digital marketing services in Kolkata experienced in social media marketing, we are always looking at trends and exploring how the social media works. By using the different platforms in social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more, we try to target your kind of audience, create a niche market where necessary and continue to hold your brand value in the within your niche market.

Creative Content and Copywriting

Social media has torn down any kind of barriers between consumers and sellers. Now, you have to be more interactive with your content and speak to the consumers. If you have a blog and want to get traffic directed to your blog, then our affordable SEO services will assist you. With an arsenal of experienced writers who are waiting for their creative energy to burst out, we will provide you with quality original content that will engage your audience and keep the traffic in your place. Our writers are also experts in forming catchy advertisements and marketing posts, delivering engaging content for brand awareness and drawing more people to your website.

Pay Per Clicks

As a provider of digital marketing services in Kolkata, we provide different solutions for you to create a better revenue model. Pay per clicks is a great way to bring in revenue but also, to analyse and evaluate the customer retention rate as well as drawing of new customers. Pay per clicks takes place when your brand or website is clicked on by an interesting customer, even if it is a link in another page. Not only does it drive traffic to your website, but it also indicates the number of consumers interested in your product. We specialize in Pay per clicks integration and consumer analysis delivering you the best solutions towards ad placement, specific product placement and optimizing your product placement in more consumer-oriented traffic.