Creative Design


Creative Design

Branding, brand awareness, brand recognition, and brand engagement – all these 4 processes and very important for any company to grow on the internet. Branding refers to the process of creating symbols, developing a philosophy, establishing and stabilizing what the brand looks like and what it means. It requires the process of developing a logo, developing a motto and providing a plan as to how the logo and motto can be made impactful enough to stay in the heart of the people. Once the branding is complete, we end up with brand awareness – where the ‘branding’ or the ‘product of branding’ is spread out to the masses. The impact is checked and if it is not enough, people may make changes to the brand. Brand awareness is directly responsible for brand recognition – that is the stage where a company is immediately recognized based on its logo and motto. If a company reaches the stage of brand recognition, then, it can take a step higher to engage the audience with its brand and boost brand engagement. All of it will have a significant boost in the brand value of a company.

As you can see, in all these processes, ‘brand value’ becomes something of utmost importance. The foundation of all these is branding. Hence, as a branding agency, we keep the value of branding as one of our topmost priority. There is no dearth of brands outside in the market but every brand that actually makes a difference is a brand that has a simple but impactful logo, enough to catch the attention of the crowd but not much to overwhelm them. Branding requires a lot of planning that goes within it – in the current market, where there are thousands of individual pages popping up on the internet, settling on a specific logo will be difficult. The competition is increasing and thousands of probably logo ideas are being used up. Hence, planning for branding has become especially important in current times. The process requires not only creativity anymore but constant research and analysis, as well as trial and errors to see what can make an impact and what seems impactful but falls short in real life.

As a Branding agency and creative agency in Kolkata, we specialize in all the necessary aspects of branding. Our creative team believes in the concept that ‘Creativity has no end’. However, since branding is related to a company, they are also responsible enough to cater to the company’s requirements. Our creative team makes an effort to understand the philosophy of the company. For branding purposes, our creative team takes responsibility to keep asking questions about the company and its inner working. Genuine information helps them to take a dedicated creative effort to develop a logo and motto which falls in line with the philosophy and workings of the company. Plus, they engage in trend analysis and trial and errors to ensure that the logo is impactful and will remain in the hearts of the people for ages. Our experienced creative team has loads of experience and the ‘book knowledge’ guiding them in this creative effort, ensuring that long-term engagement can be achieved with their work.