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Dominating the Virtual World of Business with Madly Digital

With the advancement of various technological means along with the rapid digitisation of nearly every minute aspect of our daily life, digital marketing is gradually becoming an integral part of the business world. With this rapid advancement, traditional methods of marketing, promoting, and advertising is slowly becoming obsolescent giving way to the more clinical and efficacious methods brought by multifarious tools concomitant of this new way of marketing.

Under the current circumstances, you will find numerous website design and digital marketing companies in India that provide this kind of assistance. In cities like Kolkata, digital marketing companies are becoming a sine qua non entity to both small and large business organizations. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur desperately looking for a certain gateway to this highly competitive world, choosing the right company or agency that would properly suit all of your desiderata is of utmost importance. Also, if the company brings something unique on the table, it would certainly open more doors of lucrative opportunities.

Madly Digital is an organization that does not intend to confine itself within the brand of another ordinary digital marketing company and so digital marketing services is only just a part of their bigger umbrella. You would find the minutiae of it below.


The Purpose of Madly Digital:

The sole purpose of this company is to create something extraordinary together with the clients, irrespective of the business, individual objectives, and technology platforms. The goal is to strengthen the mutual relationship with various technological means through constructing sustainable connections between the firms and their respective clients and in order to attain that goal, Madly Digital offers an array of various services such as:

  1. Digital Marketing: Aided by tools like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and various effective marketing techniques such as the Social Media Marketing, the objective of this service is to bring your product within the reach of the masses in a matter of seconds thereby increasing the number of potential customers as well as the popularity of your product.


  1. Branding and Brand Identity: It is a well-known fact that brand identity of a certain company plays a pivotal role in conducting any business successfully for a period of several years. Alongside the mass exposure of your company, Madly Digital would also take care of your brand value and extend the purview of your business.


  1. Web Design and Development: Madly Digital has a group of technically equipped as well as extremely creative web designers who would help you in constructing an attractive website depending on their creative imagination and technical prowess. Among the website design companies in Kolkata and in India as a whole, Madly Digital certainly aspires to become one of the best.


  1. Photography and Videography: One of the principal requirements of making the website of your business attractive for your customers is to design it with germane photos and videos that highlights the essence of your product and its corresponding qualities. The photography and videography service of Madly Digital is capable of doing just that.


  1. Creative Design: This company would also provide you with a gamut of creative design options with appropriate visualisation of the creative and beneficial aspect of your product.


  1. Motion Graphics: Motion graphics or the method of giving motion to static designs is becoming increasingly popular nowadays as it is capable of attracting potential customers significantly quicker than static designs. Madly Digital offers technologically as well as creatively enhanced motion graphics for sprucing the websites of their clients.




The Modus Operandi:

The modus operandi of Madly Digital constitute their endeavour of working as a valuable extension of their clients’ respective teams. In order to become something more than a reliable digital marketing agency, things like transparency and collaboration are immensely valued in this company. To provide maximum assistance to the clients, Madly Digital offers effective marketing tools like:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation: The search engine optimisation (SEO) service offered by this company consists of several effective SEO tools that help the clients in developing click-bait articles and other reading materials on their respective websites by selecting appropriate keywords and targeting the right group of potential consumers. Similar to the other aspects of digital marketing, Madly Digital has the potential to become a distinguished SEO company in India as well.


  1. Social Media Marketing: Adhering to the growing trend of social media marketing, Madly Digital is capable of offering quality social media marketing strategies by targeting the account holders of various social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. This new marketing strategy can provide the necessary exposure for your business by reaching billions of potential customers in a matter of seconds.


  1. Web Designing and Development: Madly Digital offers a unique web designing and website development service with a decent combination of creativity and technical prowess. A properly designed website is always more likely to bring more customers and eventually making your business more profitable.




Steps Followed by Madly Digital:

As transparency is greatly valued in this company, you are going to find here the steps that are followed in order to provide the service required by the clients of this company:

  1. Assessment of Needs: This digital marketing company carefully assesses the principal requirements of the clients in order to devise an infallible marketing strategy.


  1. Design and Development: Based on the needs of the clients, the talented group of web designers in this company develops a suitable and attractive website tailor-made for bringing more potential customers.



  • Planning and Delivery: After the website is designed, a unique and effective marketing strategy is planned according to the nature of the business and delivered adeptly.


  1. Evaluation and Revision: In the end, the entire process is evaluated and revised in order to get rid of any possible loopholes or errors in the strategy.



Reasons to Choose Madly Digital:

Amongst many reasons why Madly Digital can be a perfect choice for your business, these are worth mentioning as they are going to provide the necessary edge that your product needs to stay ahead of its competitors:

  • Coming up with New and Innovative Ideas: The Madly Digital team consists of many experienced and quality employees capable of coming up with new and innovative marketing strategies or website designs that could be immensely helpful for your business.


  • Ingenious and Creative Ways of Marketing: The marketing team in this company can devise unique marketing strategies suitable for individual clients and also capable of applying these strategies in a creative manner.



  • Creating New Opportunities: Aided by these innovative ideas and strategies, Madly Digital can provide new opportunities for your business that you never knew actually exist.


  • Increasing Brand Value: Through successful marketing strategies, this digital marketing company in Kolkata can effectively increase the brand value of your product and bring more potential customers.



  • A Combination of Enthusiasm and Experience: The team that operates in Madly Digital consists of a harmonious combination of youthful enthusiasm and innovative ideas along with the wisdom of experience. As a result, finding unique marketing solution for every individual client is not a cumbersome, rather a fairly easy task for them.

To sum up, with Madly Digital, you are bound to find the tailor-made solution which is suitable for your product or service specifically. Therefore, if you are in desperate need of a digital marketing company in India or in Kolkata per se, Madly Digital can be a very judicious choice.

Advertising in the time of lockdown – Why should brands think about long – term amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The ongoing lockdowns due to the threat of this pandemic has quietly managed to impact everyone’s life in some way or the other. Whether away from home or at home our priorities have clearly changed.

Well; all I can say is that during this lockdown people have embraced social media to such an extent where it puts a question to whether brands should stop advertising at all.


Now thanks to COVID-19, what we have left in our hands is a bearish market as never seen before in the last seventy years. There’s an old saying that goes by: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel


During the lockdown evreyone  has embraced social media to the point whereby its registered an unprecedented rise in screen time, a 25% increase in engagement on Instagram and TikTok in the past month and a staggering 72% increase on ad content by the influencers.


There were instances where you can see brands playing their part by making a good use of their weight and presence in social media for the good and not exploiting the situation. 

For Example:


  • Crocs gives away free Clogs to health workers
  • Gymshark campaigns to raise funds for freelance PTs
  • JBL adapts logo to encourage people to #StayHome
  • Pornhub offers free premium subscription worldwide


There are ample of opportunities still waiting for you to do good and get creative. So go get your sleeves rolling !


Always Put Your Audience first

You can call this a golden rule but right now you got to which platform  your customers are spending most of the time online and specially what do they want to see from you. This will vary from one brand to another hence there is no fixed strategy to be carried out by all.The use of video calling apps like Instagram Live,Hangouts, Zoom and TikTok have risen dramatically. Private messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger have also seen up to 70% hike  in use during lockdown.


You Got Be Creative With Your Content

The internet and the digital world has a plethora of exciting ways to connect and communicate with the audience. The outbreak of COVID -19 has led to a shift in a  way the brands are advertising, since your customers are unable to leave their houses. You got to think of a creative way such as augmented reality, live stories, snaps etc. These are the ways where you can engage highly with your audience and connect with them sitting at home. 


  • Snapchat and Instagram are both using augmented reality to fight fake news during this time of crisis. 
  • ASICS couldn’t take people to the Innovation Summit in Tokyo, so the team brought the Innovation Summit to the people using live streaming and virtual reality.


Go Live!

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok are all platforms that have seen a substantial increase in the use of Live function in the past few weeks.

You can well have a hearty laugh at the fact that this pandemic lead to the growth of these functions to take off to the next level. Although for now it’s become one of the most valued features for home grown content for brands today.

If you can mix these functions with all the above tips on being interactive with live Q&As, workouts, games and more, then we think it will give you great results. The one thing which everyone values right now is human connection and this is definitely for it.




Our audience right now is more concerned about those doing good and so we encourage brands to be creative and confident in creating the right kind of content so they don’t get lost in the sea of sameness. To cater for this shift in behaviour brands shouldnt be pushing sales messages, as that is sure to bring a putoff to your audience who is at home and social distancing.